About Foretrace

In a world of increasingly complex cybersecurity threats, Foretrace protects your most important and sensitive data from sophisticated adversaries who wish to cause you harm. Data breaches and exposed secrets start with adversarial reconnaissance, and our experts bring their decades of experience performing live adversarial red team exercises to our unique platform that replicates adversarial techniques to give you early warning to your exposures.

We are your ally against the most sophisticated attackers and the most complex threats – before the breach can occur.


Our Team

Foretrace’s founders have spent decades defeating cyber criminals for various civilian and government organizations, and our team of threat researchers, hunters and responders will provide you with the best defense against data exposure.


Nick Ascoli

Founder and CEO

Nick Ascoli is an experienced threat researcher and cyber research scientist who is recognized for his expertise in Reconnaissance and Detection Engineering. Nick has been a guest on the Cyber Wire podcast, as well as a speaker at prestigious conferences such as GrrCON, Defcon Skytalks, Blackhat Arsenal, Shmoocon, SANS, and B-Sides.


Matt Mosley

President and COO

Matt has been an active contributor to the Cyber Security industry for over 30 years. Starting as a practitioner, he became CISO of a large ISP before moving to the software industry where he has held executive leadership roles in Product Management, Marketing, Operations and Sales. Matt has successfully launched new products and companies from concept to exit.


Rick Kohr

Principal Advisor

Rick is a founding member and CEO of Evergreen Advisors, LLC and a principal advisor to Foretrace. He has over 30 years of experience in advising early stage growth companies. Rick was co-founder and managing member of the Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities Club, an early stage venture capital fund.

Contact Us

To set up a demo or learn more about Foretrace:  sales@foretrace.com

For general requests or corporate inquiries: info@foretrace.com

Press and Media Inquiries: Leslie Kesselring at Kesselring Communications, leslie@kesscomm.com

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