Find exposed data before your adversaries do


of data breaches involve human mistakes


of breaches involve stolen credentials


of breaches involved cloud-based data

How It Works

Foretrace’s patent-pending Total Recon Threat Exposure Management engine detects data exposure and alerts you before it results in costly breaches

Exposed Credentials

Credentials can be exposed in data breaches, from leaks or publicly shared sources such as code repositories. Exposed account names and passwords are used by hackers to identify and target accounts.

Data Leaks

Exposed internal documents and collaboration suites can leak sensitive data. Adversaries can use this data to blackmail organizations or damage their reputation.

Metadata Exposure

Metadata is exposed in almost any document or file that is created, and is rarely removed before sharing files. This metadata is used by attackers for targeted phishing and malware attacks.

Criminal Markets

Discovered or stolen corporate data and credentials are sold and exchanged on criminal and dark web forums, resulting in easy access for attackers and potential damage to an organization’s reputation.

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